Celebrating the 175 Anniversary of Kwan Tee Pagoda

Kwan Tee Pagoda

The Kwan Tee Pagoda

The Kwan Tee or Guan Di Pagoda is the oldest in the Southern Hemisphere and the oldest one in Mauritius. Located at Les Salines, on a Longitude of -20°9'42.12" and Latitude 57°29'31.2", it faces the sea and against the mountains. Its construction and location  abides by the principles of spirituality. The pagoda is a very peaceful place with its majestic piece of land and beautiful gardens full of coconut trees in the front of the yard and at the back and a few seasonal fruit trees.  The Kwan Tee pagoda is an oasis of peace and tranquillity though located in one of the most busiest and stressful place and capital of Mauritius. It is a perfect place for meditation.
The   cult   of   Kwan   Tee   is   associated   with   the   god      of   wealth.   Kwan   Tee   or   Guan   Di   is   also   the   god   of   war   and   the   righteousness   and   the benefactor.   There   are      smaller   altars   inside   the   pagoda   like   Ma   Chou   protector   of   sailors   and   Kwan   Yin,   giver   of   Children.   There   is   also   an ancestor   cult   altar. The   oldest   tablet   in   the   pagoda   was   affixed   there   circa   1841   and   was   restored   in   1890. There   is   also   a   bell   which   dates   back from 1871.
Hahime Choissane - The Founder of Kwan Tee Pagoda
Hahime Choissane
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