I love Okinawa and have visited about 5 times.

I like to travel abroad, but I also do not throw away domestic travel.

I like to travel abroad, but I also do not throw away domestic travel. No matter how small Japan is a small island country, there are sightseeing spots worth going to be gomers. Scales and landscapes may be inferior compared to overseas, but domestic travel can be said to have too much appeal by compensating for those drawbacks. For example, Okinawa is an area with a slightly different atmosphere and culture than Japan, so you should say that people who have not said yet should go. You can swim at the beach, go to a remote island with high transparency and diving, but I think that the charm of Okinawa is also in cooking. Since Okinawa cuisine is quite different from mainland cuisine, likes and dislikes may be divided, but there are good memories that I have eaten here and there because there are lots of delicious dishes. Pork dishes such as Sokhi, Mimiga and Tiraga are famous. Because there are dishes to spill boiling, it is also healthy because there is no grease. Every time I go to Okinawa I eat these pork dishes at least once. Recently, because supermarket also sells bitter gourd, many people who have made and eaten themselves also have a healthy dish using tofu. I like so good bitterness is comfortable. The tofu used is slightly different from those of the mainland, so when you eat in Okinawa you feel more delicious. In addition, there are many steak shops around Naha. Satisfaction is high because it can be eaten with quite large and thick steak at a cheap price. It is taco rice that I think that the taste is quite different from Tokyo. Is it due to different sauce from the authentic ones, this one will surely eat several times in Okinawa. I do not think sweets like Sator Antagie are too Okinawanish sweets, but I like the taste. It is delicious to eat fresh ingredients. I am sorry that the taste falls when I take it to Tokyo.